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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 18, Issue 6

Materials and Technologies for Energy Storage and Generation VIII

This year’s newsletter on energy storage and power generation focuses its research on the development of technologies that aim to solve key problems of sustainable energy generation and storage. It will be divided into three main topics: 1- Batteries The exploration of new materials to be adopted as electrodes and electrolytes in Li-ion batteries, as well as the creation of new functionalities. Alternatives to lithium systems are also under investigation. 2- Supercapacitors Nanoscale research on the development of supercapacitors has substantially improved the energy density and power density. Recent progress of supercapacitors benefiting from the nanoscale research will be highlighted in detail. 3- Fuel Cells Researchers have been working to make fuel cells less expensive by replacing platinum. Several research groups are investigating materials such a tungsten carbide, molybdenum disulfide, and molecular self-assembling catalysts compounds.

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