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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 15, Issue 5

Materials for Sensors and Sensor Technologies IV

Recent developments in materials are enabling a new generation of small inexpensive sensors capable of detecting chemical and biological particles. Since this generation of sensors provides electronic output, they can easily be combined or even integrated with miniaturized electronics, as well as wireless transceivers. The ability to continuously monitor the environment provides the backbone for Internet of Things (IoT). These sensors allow monitoring pollution in air, soil and water, and help reduce energy consumption, improve agriculture and eliminate food waste. These sensors are an essential part of emerging fields such as autonomous robots, smart factories, and smart cities. They also allow cost effective remote and/or continuous medical monitoring and diagnosis, therefore, improving quality and reducing cost of health care. This issue of Baverstam newsletter is devoted to sensor technologies in four (4) fields: Water Monitoring, Air and Soil Monitoring, Food Quality Monitoring, and Medical Monitoring and Diagnosis. We also cover a brief description of two emerging sensor technologies: optical and biosensors.

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