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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 13, Issue 7

Materials for 3D Printing

3D printing has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, even garnering a mention during the President Obama's State of the Union address this year. Often termed, the third industrial revolution, this additive manufacturing technology has the potential to become a widely disruptive technology that could potentially threaten the conventional manufacturing industry. The technology allows the production of any three-dimensional object using a printer, whereby the material is deposited one layer at a time successively until it forms the final 3D part. While 3D printing has already become a hit in hobbyist markets, it is slowly growing to become a real manufacturing method in industries ranging from aerospace to biomedical. 3D printing especially holds a lot of promise for the biomedical industry where it can be used to produce custom implants and accurate replicas of a patientís body parts and organs. In this newsletter, we explore the technology behind 3D printing and highlight some of the most recent developments taking place in this emerging area.

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