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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 11, Issue 10

Materials & Technologies for Advanced Lighting

We present an overview of lighting technology where materials technology plays a role in enabling new technologies like LED and OLED light. The inefficient incandescent light bulb is being phased out via legislation globally and is driving the development of replacement products. The compact fluorescent light bulb is an imperfect alternative, so there is interest in developing improved and cost effective alternatives. Conventional fluorescent lighting, which has been the primary light source in commercial settings since the 1950s, is also seeing efficiency improvements with the transition to electronic ballasts. The LED light is the prime candidate for the future but faces a significant hurdle in cost reduction and thermal management is problematic. Important developments include the manufacture of GaN-on-Si, which can leverage conventional large scale, low cost semiconductor processing methods. Its OLED cousin is also promising with the possibility of roll-to-roll manufacturing but requires a moisture barrier to be a viable alternative. We also report on other less well-known lighting technologies like plasma, induction and electron stimulated luminescence.

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