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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 11, Issue 1

Deposition Technologies III

The semiconductor industry is the key motor in the development of deposition technologies as it pushes toward the next technology node with smaller dimensions. In this newsletter we look at recent developments, especially those that enable conformal coatings over high aspect ratio structures. This includes ALD but the leading suppliers are also perfecting more conventional CVD processes. ALD is an important emerging process technology in the semiconductor industry with its perfectly controlled conformal thin film coatings and the enabler of high-k gate dielectric, but some researchers and companies are exploring ALD applications in other technology domains. Graphene is currently the most high profile materials technology in the scientific community with the recent Nobel Prize in Physics. The key technical challenge right now is to develop a deposition process that can deliver large area graphene films for development work. Finally, we also take a look at CVD Diamond where Apollo Diamond has been supplying perfect diamond gemstones for a number of years, but from a technological perspective the most interesting development is in the manufacture of substrates for devices of the future.

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