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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 8, Issue 10

Deposition and Coatings Technologies II

In many industries so-called nanomaterials are still laboratory curiosities, but in semiconductor manufacturing (thin film deposition) and in coatings technology they are already part of the industrial landscape. The purpose and direction of R&D in the two industries is very different. In semiconductor manufacturing, the need for cost effective large scale manufacturing of nano-scale integrated circuits (IC) has spawned a new generation of deposition technologies. In coatings, commercialized nanomaterials have rejuvenated the mature $70B industry by introducing a number of new products. Some of these new coatings replace traditional ones with higher performing, lower toxicity, and/or non-petroleum based alternatives. Other coatings provide new capabilities, such as a carbon nanotube based adhesive layer that can replace soldering in electronics. In this newsletter, we cover some of the newest developments in coatings and deposition technology with an emphasis on nanotechnology. In the deposition section, we cover a number of new methods to enable manufacturing of sub-32 nm ICs. These processes include Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Ion Beam Deposition (IBD), molecular self-assembly, and 3D stacking. With regard to coatings, we cover a number of alternative coatings to prevent corrosion, improved sealing, and water proofing. Another area of important area research for flat panel displays is to find alternatives to ITO (indium tin oxide) deposition.

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