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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 7, Issue 10

Recent Materials Technology Developments in Aerospace

Metallurgy and materials science have been critical fields of science and engineering in the development of aircraft and spacecraft for many decades. Applications include structural components, engine components, coatings, sensor technology just to name a few examples. Superalloy development in jet engines is of course a classical application area in metallurgy. The recent development of the Boeing 787 is a landmark in producing the first all carbon fiber composite fuselage for a commercial aircraft. The JSF is also driving new materials technology on the military side of the industry. This newsletter looks at recent materials technology developments relating to aerospace over an approximate 12 month period. "Nano-composites" are going to become an interesting material class for the future but are in early stage of development for this industry, which requires stringent qualification. Environmental and worker safety regulation is also driving the need for hard coating and primer replacement for established hexavalent chrome based systems.

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