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Baverstam Newsletter Summary: Volume 7, Issue 3

Automotive Materials III

We continue our series on materials for the automotive industry. The automotive industry is very cost sensitive in selecting new materials with the exception of the very high end and motorsport. However, environmental and safety demands are driving innovation in new lightweight, high strength and cost effective materials applications. This spans new steel and aluminum alloys for both powertrain and body, as well as polymers and composites for body and interior. The European passenger diesel platform continues to drive demand for new materials technology. Tire technology is also important for improved safety and fuel economy. Some technology is filtering down from the high end in applications such as new gasoline turbocharging technology and valvetrain coatings. New propulsion technologies, namely materials innovation relating to HEV and fuel cell, continue to be important areas for development. The focus of this NL is recent developments and news in the approximate 6 month timeframe prior the publication of this newsletter, covering metals; polymers and composites; coatings; tire technology; smart materials; and HEVs and fuel cells.

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