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How to engage Baverstam's services:

Generally speaking, our services are often in demand when our clients are looking into new areas of technology and markets. Our broad, varied and deep experience is then critical in order to provide road maps, strategies and alternatives to current client approaches.

Following an indication by our client that a certain topic or area might lend itself to utilizing our services we first recommend an initial phone discussion to determine the general suitability of Baverstam for addressing the topic.

Once it has been mutually agreed that Baverstam would be in a position to provide a suitable proposal for the current situation we would ask our client to provide us with a short written request for proposal, including the scope and the focus of the assignment and preferably also including a certain level of background and context for the situation.

Baverstam staff will in turn provide a comprehensive proposal for the project, free of charge. The proposal is normally about ten pages long or more. It contains the following main aspects:

  • A brief technology or market recap or perspective

  • Listing of projects Baverstam has done previously, which is related.

  • Individual references that can be contacted.

  • Definition of scope of the project.

  • Definition of focus for the project.

  • Our approach and methodology.

  • Project execution plan

  • Information sources to be used

  • Expected results

  • Project team

  • A fixed fee budget and estimated duration of the project.

It should be pointed out that we prefer to have a detailed and specific proposal, for which we will commit to a fixed fee budget. The agreed upon fee will not change even if the estimated time for completion takes longer than anticipated.

Once we have come to an agreement with our client and the proposal is reflecting this mutual position well we will schedule a kick-off meeting for the project. This meeting is normally held at the client location and led by the appointed project leader at Baverstam.

Interaction between the Baverstam team and the client team during the duration of the project will be further defined during the kick-off meeting. Generally, we are flexible as to the request from our client in this regard. Our normal procedure is to stay in touch over at a agreed on frequency. We will have a more formal mid-term project review meeting. This can be done in person or via a conference call, subject to circumstances and preferences.

At the end of the project we will provide a report with our findings. The report usually contains an executive summary, followed by our detailed analysis and presentation of findings. Our analysis is normally tied in with and backed up by a series of appendix at the end of the report.

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