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Perspective on services and references:

Manufacturing companies are today faced with a range of challenges in an increasingly competitive world. Our contribution to our clients is focused on how technology can provide value in areas ranging from new product development to new business development.

Baverstam Associates provides technology intelligence services to manufacturing companies within what we call manu-technologies. With this term we refer to all types of manufacturing related technologies, particularly materials technologies and manufacturing process technologies. We do not include areas such as information technologies, software and biotechnologies. However, we do include biomaterials. The table of contents for our newsletters provides a cross section of new and critical manu-technologies.

Our clients include a variety of companies, mostly medium sized to large. In North America we work for clients such as Gillette, Corning, Dow Chemicals, Cabot, and many others. Our European clients include companies such as Tetrapak, Sandvik, Saint-Gobain and more. We regularly provide references to new clients as part of the proposal writing process for a specific potential project topic.

Our clients can be divided into two categories. One group can be categorized as original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Some of the products manufactured by our clients include:

  • Energy storage devices (batteries)
  • Energy generation devices (fuel cells)
  • Food and drink packaging
  • Luxury watches
  • Components for mobile phones
  • Automotive parts
  • Residential and industrial floors
  • Flat panel displays
  • Medical equipment
Our second group of manufacturing clients are companies who are focused on making materials or products used by OEM’s in their manufacturing. This second group includes suppliers of products such as:
  • Polymers and plastics
  • Ceramics and crystal based products
  • Industrial gases
  • Value added metals
  • Value added chemicals
  • Composite materials
  • Value added carbon materials
  • Value added minerals

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